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Primary/Certified Standards
PurityPlus® Specialty Gases offers several grades of calibration gas
standards – Custom Mixtures, Certified Standards, and Primary Standards to
meet the level of accuracy for your laboratory or production process. All
PurityPlus® Specialty Gases are custom-mixed and analyzed, and then
properly labeled in one of our independently audited laboratory facilities.
Each PurityPlus Production facility conforms to a strict set of quality-
assurance measures and standard operating procedures. Each of these labs
have been thoroughly inspected, certified and documented to be compliant
with FDA, DOT, OSHA, and EPA requirements - among others - by AsteRisk,
a globally known, reputable, independent certification company
headquartered in the U.S. (For more information on AsteRisk, please visit

Exposure to hazardous chemicals results in steep fines, penalties, and a
compromised workforce. PurityPlus® Specialty Gases meets regulations and
ensures compliance with all primary and certified standards.
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and test gas needs there are way too
many mixtures and custom blends to list.
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Our best selling units to the gas industry
Zero cal gas 105 liters   C10 valve   cost each  $ 160.00  part# SPE1005-105
Methane 50% LEL 2.5%  105 liters C10 valve   $ 160.00 Part# SPE1400-105
Methane 25% LEL 1.25%  105 liters C10 valve $ 160.00
4-gas mixture 58 liter H2S 25PPM -CO 100 PPM - CH4 50% LEL- O2 18% balance nitrogen $
300.00 SPE2542-58

Complete Calibration Kits incudes:  $ 495.00
2 bottles gas (zero and cal or 2 cal)
1 regulator
1 carrying case (for 2 bottles)
Call us for any special mixes.